While some foods and liquids leave a lingering odor, the best way to keep them odorless is to wash them with baking soda and water. This ensures removing any smell and thoroughly cleaning the bags.

Yes, the EcoBags material is dishwasher safe.

Along with the baking soda and water, we suggest using a small brush with some soap to get those deep corners.

Size: L: 24 x 3.6x27cm, M: 20 x 3.0x15cm, S: 17x3x12cm
Weight: L: 6oz, M: 3.4oz, S: 2.9oz
Capacity: L 1960ml, M: 470ml, S: 330ml

The material is food safe silicone, used for practical conservation, allows for simple preservation of produce, meats, grains, etc.

The highest temperature for safe use is 425°F (220°C). It is designed to resist hot and cold temperatures that way it is safe to use in refrigerators, ovens and microwaves.  (Tip: Leave the EcoBag open when using inside the oven or microwave.)

Yes! Our EcoBags are designed to store any product. The body and shape of the bag is thick and we have conducted 50 different experiments testing with the EcoBag sealed in room temperature. As long as the body of the bag is not damaged it can be cleaned, dried and reused. EcoBag is friendly to your wallet and it is friendly to the environment in this way. 


Some liquids will leave an odor, so I recommend a good wash with warm water and soap as soon as possible.

Yes, the tumblers are dishwasher safe.

We recommend that you wash the lid with a soft cloth. Also, all parts of the lid are removable, just make sure you look before removing the parts to ensure you put them back correctly.

No, don’t put the tumblers in either. The tumblers are made of stainless steel, this works to maintain the temperature after its been heated up or to keep liquids that are already cold cold for longer periods of time.

You can drink from the tumbler both ways. The lid has two holes – one gray for the straw, the other is black to drink directly.

Tumbler 20oz

Height: 17cm
Width: 9cm
Inside Width: 7cm

Tumbler 30oz

Inside Width:7,5cm

Each tumbler is made up of a a double wall of stainless steel.

The tumblers can maintain cold temperatures for 12 hours and hot temperature for 8 hours

Yes, we recommend you close one of the holes on the lid to keep the gas longer.


To best conserve your drinks at the temperature you desire, we recommend you open/close the holes in the lids before removing or adding the lid. This works because the lid seals drinks through pressure so if its closed correctly its ready and you won’t experience any spills.